Trackography 1.0

Claudio Agosti - claudio at tacticaltech dot org

ArtEZ School of the Arts, Friday 13th Nov!

Standard presentation Table of Content

  • Who am I
  • What is the organisation I work with
  • What I've done This matter and is ~60 minutes.
  • Why I've done it This is an human problem! but your attention is gone now :(
  • What in the future brain flying away...

The upcoming 90-120+ minutes

  • Why I've done it
  • What I've done
  • What in the future
  • What is the organisation I work with
  • Who am I will be skip


"political" motivations

Not as a politician, but as aware person in a confused interconnected society, torn apart between tecnocracy and crazy regulations.

2015 year of the ADBlocking war ?

  • Adblocking guarantee security and performance Firefox research.
  • Is Ad blocking theft?
  • PageFair scary projections
  • Google Active Mobile Page, Facebook Instant Article, Apple News

Executive Summary

Trackography is an observatory of the third party trackers in Internet websites; The goal is raise awareness on trackers presence and implication.

Has not to be confunded with other tool, like Lightbean,, Ghostery or ADBlockPlus that monitor your personal navigation in order to display tracking.
These tools are useful for the user itself, while Trackography want study the global phenomena.

Contextual Analysis

Made experiment to tackle smaller group:

Take the browser history of three community leaders and make that analysis
Choose a Twitter #hashtag and check all the link included where they bring and who's behind each one".

Benefit: much more concrete analysis, partnership and target

Try it out

Trackography official website,
Countries Exposure,
Company presence (in Media) Detais view,
Company presence (in Contextual tests),
Least concerned website.

Who is accountable?

  • Internet business model is based on survellaince.
    • maybe is not wrong, but I'm sure most of the person that benefit of this business are not aware of the implication.
    • protection law are completely unefficient in protecting citizen rights.
    • consumer union are unaware (or behave like that).
    • net-neo-colonialism: you own the people throught their data. company virtually colonize the users.

Open Data

  • Every test is a measurement
  • This measurement can be interpreted in different ways in order to tune a metodology
  • This lead the analysis to be more scientifically accurate
  • And results used by third parties...

not so random speculation

Facebook emotion experiment sparks criticism, Facebook is facing criticism after it emerged it had conducted a psychology experiment on nearly 700,000 users without their knowledge.

  • If you want to influence actively the development of some subject, you have to know the subject (tracking is therefore the passive operation)
  • Tuning the results of the algoritm, you influence the learning process of a subject (and this can be part of the Filter bubble

Narratives available

  • 1. Classical one: “user vs companies” tackling digital right to privacy, checking current legal standard and user self defense
  • 2. Political and social: “mass vs company”: you can't relay on self defense, and you can measure how much of the population is predictable or influenciable by foreing service.
  • 3. “user vs state”: Classical like “1” but with different target of interest, can be used neat area of economic or geographic conflicts.
  • 4. “state vs state”: The geopolitical, is like 2 but can be interpolated with current and past state level agreements or conflict
  • 5. “state vs organization”: can be used to tackle companies, NGO or group that are explicitly threaten by a state actor.

Whishlist and ideas

Twitter integration

The Least concerned media in #Canada is #Dharmatoday

From #Germany network you touch #USA infrastructure 95% of the time you navigate on a media

  • These twitter message can be automatically generateed and sent.
  • Can be triggered onece a while, or every time a new result is delivered.

Impact measurement

  • For every country, take the number of connected user.
  • For every website, take the number of daily user (Alexa?)
  • This permit to say "website X has K users per day, they represent YY% of the population, and based of X choice, they are exposed to A,B,C... (is it much powerful?)

Link warning

  • Every protection add-ons just react when you are on the page with many trackers!
  • What if a wordpress plugin, marks the external link based on how score the website?